Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home for a Little While

Wow, after 2 months on the road we are finally home! We just drove from Clear Lake California to Kansas City, only about 1,850 miles. We left Clear Lake last Sunday and drove 2 days to Park City, Utah. I finally got Bobbi talked into stopping and doing a little snow skiing. I haven’t been skiing in about 6 years, so it was a real fun stop. The kids took lessons for a day, and then they came along with Bobbi and I. The ski stop really helped break the trip up, and not make it feel quite as long. I’m definitely going to have to make sure that I don’t let another 6 years go by before we all go skiing again.

The drive from Clear Lake back home was really fun because it was a route we had never taken before. We saw lots of wildlife, from antelope and elk in the west to waterfowl and sand hill cranes in Nebraska. We got home on the evening of Friday, March 26th, and now I am looking forward to some unpacking and unwinding.

In February, prior to the Classic, I was very organized. Honestly, the most organized I have ever been in my career. But now, 2 months later, it seems that all of the organization has come undone. So, sometime during these 10 days at home I am going to have to try and find a way to get everything put back together, and hopefully get back to that “February” state of mind. In the short time that we have been home, I was able to get out on our dock and catch a few fish. I would have been happy with just 1 or 2 in the short amount of time I spent on the dock, but I probably caught about a dozen or more bass in about 15 minutes! The bait that yielded such impressive results is one that I am really looking forward to putting to good use in the rest of the season. It was a War Eagle Ultravibe Spinnerbait. The bait sports a Colorado blade and a tear drop shaped willow blade, and the combination of the two puts off incredible vibration. I am very impressed with this spinnerbait, and really looking forward to using it on the tournament trail.

Now I am looking forward to regrouping, reorganizing, and spending time at home with family and friends. Easter is coming up, and we are very excited to be at home with loved ones for this holiday. Over the next 10 days we are going to have to try and spend as much quality time with friends and family as possible, because after we leave for Smith Mountain we won’t be back home until the middle of June!

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