Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crunch Time

Wow, time at home has gone by too fast! There is a lot to pack for this trip, because once we leave on Thursday we won’t be back until June. Practice for the Smith Mountain event starts on Monday, so I’m hoping to have plenty of time to arrive safely and get settled in over there. I really think this year at Smith Mountain is going to be different than our trip there last year. Sight fishing probably won’t play as big of a role, so hopefully I can put together a pattern more suited towards my skills.

This time at home has given me a chance to catch up with family and friends. We had a really good Easter with my folks, and to tell you the truth it really just hit us the other day that we already have to get back out on the road! But while we were at home we had some fun. The kids and I caught a mess of trout out of Lake Quivira, and fried them up for supper that evening. Dinner that night made me realize just how much better a mess of fried crappie is!

While I was in California, I bought quite a few swimbaits to try out. So, while we were at home I made time to test them out on the lake. The fish aren’t quite as far along as they need to be to really get on a swimbait bite out on Lake Quivira, but I did manage to catch a few fish. After tinkering and playing with so many different swimbaits, I determined that the best producers for me are still the Osprey and Basstrix swimbaits. I really wish that I could have had the opportunity to hone my swimbait skills.

Now, being that I took 5th place at the Classic, I figured I could reward myself a little bit. I’m an avid hunter during the off-season, and an avid hunter needs to be prepared for any and all situations while out in the field. So, I bought myself a new bow from B&B Archery, not to replace anything but to be used as a back-up if something should happen. The folks at B&B are amazing, and I really enjoy doing business with them. I love fishing, but I’m really looking forward to archery deer season right now!

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