Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Stop: Cal Delta

The Cal Delta event was a pretty frustrating start to my Elite Series season. Practice for me went pretty well, but I think the unpredictability of the tides got the better of me. In practice I was able to dial into a couple of patterns. The first one was cranking a Luhr Jensen Speed Trap along riprap banks. The second was flipping a Tightlines UV Beaver bait. I didn’t ever catch any hogs in practice, but I had enough bites to make me feel comfortable going into the first day of the tournament.

Day 1:
I picked an area to fish that I felt comfortable and confident in, and I stuck with that area. Everything started off great. I caught my first fish at about 6:40 A.M. on my fourth flip with my UV Beaver. The rest of the morning lasted forever, as I didn’t get another bite until about noon when I finally switched things up and started fishing a Tightlines UVenko. My third and final fish of the day came right before I headed back to the ramp. I was cranking the Luhr Jensen Speed Trap along a riprap bank. It was a pretty rough day, but I kept my sights set on day two.

Day 2:
I fished some different water, and again caught my first fish right at the start of the morning. This time I was throwing a War Eagle spinnerbait. As the day progressed, I managed three more keepers on that spinnerbait, but I was never able to tap into the big fish that I really needed.

I felt as if I was in the right areas to do well, but never could get the rhythm of the tide and the feeding periods figured out. What really hurt was when I found out that John Crews spent his tournament in an area that I fished last time we visited the Delta. I fished there in practice, but must not have timed it quite right because I never found anything that made me want to stay. All in all, I really wish I could have managed a better finish, but I have to remember that this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. I have seven more chances at redemption, and it’s going to be sweet!

We’re headed to Clear Lake next, and I am very excited about this one. There won’t be any tides to worry about, and we just might hit it at the perfect time!


  1. Hope you land some of those Clear Lake giants!!!

  2. Good report, love getting detail angler reports via their blogs!