Monday, January 25, 2010

January is a crazy time at the Chapman house!

January is crazy busy. This is the month that all the procrastinating catches up and all the last minute details have to be taken care of. This past week was a blur! I left Monday to drive to Nashville and pick up my 2010 Triton. (I will get pictures online soon.) Picked up the boat Tuesday and drove back to KC. Wednesday was spent at Show Me Campers and Boats installing all my upgraded equipment. We put on the new Fulton F2 Jack and Fulton F2 winch, installed the electronics and batteries, and made sure everything is ready for competition. I will break in the boat this week and be make sure it runs perfectly before we head to the Classic.
Thursday I delivered campers and boats down the the show at Bartle Hall. Friday and Saturday I did a promotion at Anglers Outpost in Kentucky. Sunday we went to church and spent time together as a family before I helped return a few boats from Barte Hall to Show Me Campers and Boats. Crazy busy week.
This week we will be wrapping up all last minute details. I still need to order my Costa's and a few other items, test some new product, break in the boat, order new jerseys, finish the truck wrap and start getting the camper ready.
January may be hectic, but it is exciting. I will breathe much easier once we get everything done and loaded. The Classic is on my mind and I am ready to get to Lay Lake!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The 2010 Triton is ready. I am picking up my boat in Nashville in the morning. I cannot wait to see what the new wrap looks like.
My new Fulton F2 Jack and Wench arrived, the electronics are here. I am ready to get my equipment rigged and ready for competition. One of the major keys to success on the BASS Elite Series is having great equipment. I spend a good portion of the off-season researching new products and getting my boat and truck ready. Getting all of my tackle, rods, reels, baits...everything ready for the next tournament season.
When I head to the BASS Master Classic, I like to feel confident in all my gear. I will be working hard the next few weeks and plan to go to the Classic knowing that I have the best boat, outboard, trolling motor, electronics, jack and trailer wench, baits, line, hooks...You name it.
It's crunch time. I will keep you posted!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being outdoors in the woods or on the water is in my blood. I grew up loving to fish and always had a competitive spirit. When I got introduced to professional bass fishing...I was hooked. The thought of making my living doing something that I love is incredible. I have been fishing on the professional circuits for 15 years and done well enough to support my family.
I had no idea that an avid outdoors man and angler would have to learn to use the computer!!!!

I am not a computer genius...but I am going to try to keep all my fans, friends and family better informed of my journey through the world of professional bass tournaments.

This year I will make a commitment to 'blogging.' (I have no idea what the word blogging means, but I will type a few lines and post a few pictures on the computer for all of you.)
I am competing on the BASS Elite Series and the PAA tournament series in 2010. It will start with the BASS Master Classic. This is my 9th time qualifying for the Classic and I am ready for the WIN!!

We leave for the Classic in three weeks. I am wrapping up all my deer hunting and preparing for fishing season.
I will keep you informed and look forward to 2010.