Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Road Truckers

This week has been absolutley crazy! With the horrible weather throughout the midwest, and trying to get everything ready to go for New Orleans, this has been a very intense week of preparation. My Dad and I left for Flippin Arkansas to pick up my new Triton at 5 a.m. wednesday morning. For those of you in a much more fortunate part of the country, let me fill you in on the weather situation Wednesday morning...The 2 days prior, we got pounded by sub-zero temperatures, 20-40 MPH winds, and almost a foot of snow! When we left Wednesday, we were greeted by temperatures in the -10 to -20 degree range! And the wind was howling on top of that! The roads got really nasty as we drove south through Missouri on our way to Arkansas. I am really glad we decided to take my hunting truck, as I have some big off-road tires on it that handled the snow really well.

I was excited to pick up the boat, but I wasn't excited about having to put some time on the engine before we headed to New Orleans. We drove from Flippin to Bull Shoals, and dropped the boat in. I put about a half hour on the engine in 15 degree weather and 20 MPH winds, needless to say it was miserable! We then drove back on icy, snowy roads with a boat in tow, and got home at about 11p.m. Now that is dedication right there! I am thankful to be back home safe and sound!

Today (Saturday) I am getting ready to pick up the boat from the wrap shop. I was lucky to get it in and out as quickly as I did. My hat is off to the guys out there at Sign Here who really helped me out! I am really excited about my wrap, it will be the sharpest looking rig I have ever had, so thanks alot guys! After I pick up the boat, I am heading to the shop and am going to work on getting everything loaded up. I have my new W&M rods all rigged up with my new Gamma line. I have my package from War Eagle full of my favorite jigs and spinnerbaits, and I have my package of Tightlines soft plastics to load in there. On top of all of that, we spent Friday night at Bass Pro in Olathe, and we literally closed the store down! So, I have my work cut out for me this afternoon!

I am really excited to get on the road. It will be a big relief once we finally leave, and have all of the pressure of preparation behind us. I haven't caught a bass since October, so I am so ready to get a line wet and set the hook on some Louisiana bass!

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