Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chompin at the Bit!

With the 3 days of practice behind me, and the postive swing in the weather, I have to say that I am really excited for this Classic. My practice went really well, and I am feeling really good about things.

Friday, the first day of practice, started out a balmy 20 degrees! That is the kind of weather that I thought I was leaving behind back in Kansas! I was really surprised to find the water temperatures were around 45 to 48 degrees. Not what I expected at all. But, over the 3 days of practice I had quite a few bites, and quite a few big bites, so I have to say that I am pumped about that.

The water is a little low right now, but it doesn't take much of a change to make the delta dangerous. Alot of guys had issues running the delta, but somehow I was lucky enough to get through practice with no major mishaps. I was fortunate enough to find quite a few good stretches of water, but one of the places that I found in pre-practice that I thought would be a perfect little overlooked honey-hole ended up being an area with 38 degree water that looked like chocolate milk! That's the delta in February though, you never know what you are going to get.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I am planning on running my route and figuring out exactly how long it will take me to get from the launch to where I plan to fish. Come Friday, I am planning on making the longest run I have ever had to make for a tournament, and I anticipate having to stop and get gas at least once during each day of competition. But, that's how it is out here. It is truly difficult to comprehend the sheer size and magnitude of this fishery until you are out here in it.

As for the competition days, I expect there to be some good bags brought in. With the way that the weather has changed, water temps will likely be in the mid to high 50 degree range, and before this is all over we could see temps into the 60s. This could be one of the best classics ever. I think part of the reason this classic is going to be so awesome is because everyone has to take a gamble, there is no playing it safe down here on this fishery.

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