Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Classic Practice

We finally made it to Birmingham after our long drive from Lake Quivira. The family is getting settled into our home away from home, but it has taken a little longer than expected. I mean, it’s not really a trip without a few major malfunctions, and minor set backs, right? Check out Bobbi’s blog post, she tells the story better than I can!

Anyway, as you all may know, the weather here in the Birmingham area is less than desirable. On the first day of practice, it started snowing at 9a.m. and didn’t stop until 6p.m.! Being from Kansas, I can handle this weather, but these Alabama bass don’t know what to do with snow and water temperatures in the upper thirties. Despite the weather, I’ve managed to locate some good fish and have determined the spots I plan to fish during the big tournament. Both practice days so far have been an all day grind, but I wouldn’t expect anything less given these conditions.

The Classic is a completely different tournament, and not just because of the physical challenges, but because of the mental challenges. No one wins the classic by playing it safe. The classic is won by swinging for the fences and going for the win. And even with all that in mind, I still feel cautiously optimistic.

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