Sunday, February 21, 2010


  1. From the bassmater live blog:

    "You want to get a good idea of how much these guys respect each other?

    Todd Faircloth and Brent Chapman have been sharing water in Beeswax Creek all week. Chapman has been having a good morning. He has a limit. Meanwhile Faircloth only has two.

    According to Robbins, Chapman just idled over to Faircloth and handed him a bait, assumedly the one or one like he's been using.

    Faircloth is tying that bait on.

    Chapman is a great guy, always has been. But he may be ready to see some with a shot at slaying the dragon succeed."

    Way to be! Good stuff.

  2. Good Job making the Super 6 and taking a place from Ike. It's kind of lame that you were the only guy in the Super 6 with pretty much zero TV coverage. Maybe I'll think to blog about that this week. I can see the title now: Brent Chapman The Invisible 5th man.

  3. From back home in Shawnee, Great job. And what a sportsman giving your bait to Faircloth to use. It keeps getting better. From 27th down to 5th, then if history repeats itself 2011 you could be standing in KVD's spot. Best wishes in the Elite Series.

  4. Question: Did spectator boats that were primarily watching KVD effect your fishing area?

    I have heard some people claim they did.