Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I just got back from New Orleans last week and man did I have a blast down there! I got my game plan put together, and am excited for February to roll around. I elimiated alot of unproductive water, and also found a few good areas. We caught alot of fish, and not just bass. On any given cast down there you are likely to hook up with a redfish, sheepshead, trout, or flounder. It is just unreal. Those redfish are so aggressive and so much fun. There were instances when we were bass fishing that we would see a giant school of reds swim by, and make a cast towards them with whatever we had on and catch them. We had doubles and triples on reds on everything from jigs and texas rigs to topwater frogs! And these fish weren't small. We caught fish up to 15 lbs! I also got to put my new rods and reels to the test while in New Orleans. I got the new Wright & McGill Micro Honeycomb rods and Victory reels, and they are awesome! They handled everything I caught down there with ease, which definitely gives me confidence in them going into next season.

Besides having a great time fishing, I also got to hang out with some good friends. We stayed at Cajun Fishing Adventures, which was awesome, and no we didn't use their guide service! The accomodations were great, and the cajun food was out of this world. Honestly I can't say enough great things about this place, they have an awesome operation. After Katrina they had to completely rebuild there lodge, and it is just beautiful. I really want to say thanks to my good friends Richard and Ken Sherman and everyone at Cajun Fishing Adventures. I had a great time down there, and wish I had a good excuse to make a trip like that more often! Check Cajun Fishing Adventures out at

Now it is back to the real world. I am working hard to get my boat sold, I just took the wrap off myself over the weekend. Getting all of my loose ends and necessities done and out of the way now so that I can enjoy a November full of deer hunting and time in the woods.

This past weekend we had the Howell family - Randy, Robin, and their 2 kids-,as well as Jill Lane, and Angie Faircloth stay with us. All the wives participated in the Kansas City Marathon as a relay team. Randy and I got to play Mr. Mom over the weekend. We took the kids out fishing and caught about 75 crappie. On Tuesday I went out crappie fishing for a charity trip for Ducks Unlimited and caught 102 crappie. We'll just say that I'm done filetting fish for a while!

Now I wish I had a deer hunting update for all of you, but sadly I haven't had the chance to get out at all yet. I am hoping to get out before November rolls around, but we will have to see what happens. Hopefully by November we will actually see some real Fall weather instead of this warm late Summer weather we've had lately! I can only hope anyway!

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