Friday, September 17, 2010

The Off-Season

It's definitely the off-season. Not alot of fishing going on to speak of, mostly working around the house and getting ready for deer season. I am definitely excited about my trip to New Orleans here in a few weeks for classic pre-practice. My Dad is going down there and fishing with me, so it should be a real good time.

Looking back, on the last month or so, Bobbi competed in her first mini-triathlon out here at Lake Quivira. It was awesome. She did a 500 meter swim, a 9 mile bike ride, and a 5 mile run. I was defintely impressed, and kind of got me to thinking that maybe I could do something like that with her in the future.

We are still getting into the groove of having the kids off at school all day long. Mason is also playing baseball right now, so it is fun to get out and watch him play. I spend alot more time doing house chores, and preparation for next year's season. Right now I am working on getting all of my stuff ordered for the Triton I will be running in 2011. Most people don't realize how much work it actually takes to get all your batteries, graphs and the like. I also plan on doing some real work here pretty soon. I am going to powerwash and seal the deck and the driveway, and for a fisherman that is definitely real work.

Now the work that I have put into deer season is starting to come into fruition. The food plots are coming up, and I have seen the first scrapes of the year. I got my trail cameras up, so now I am looking forward to getting some pictures of some monsters with velvet hanging off their antlers! Everyday I do some bow practice to keep me sharp and ready for the season.

When I get back from New Orleans there are two things that I have to do. 1 is get to work on getting my boat from 2010 ready to sell, and 2 is get in my tree stand and get to work on knocking down a good buck!

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  1. Awesome backdrop on the blog design. Can't wait to see you fish the Classic next year. I sent a comment to ESPN at the last classic requesting more television time for all the anglers so hopefully we will see more air time for you.