Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun, Focus, and Optimism

I just got home from watching my 3 year old nephew's soccer game. And, while at 3 years old, the team might lack fundamental knowledge of the game of soccer, they are still out there having the time of their lives. The kids fall over, and get right back up and keep on playing. That is the kind of attitude that I need to have toward my fishing, toward my game. I need to stay positive, bounce back up after I fall, and most importantly I need to have fun. During this break I am going to focus on getting my head back in a positive place, and getting back to the "fun" of fishing. Then when we hit the road for the final 2 tour stops, I will be able to get out there, and fish my strengths and just have fun, and hopefully get to where I need to be in the standings.

During this break, I plan on doing a little fun fishing here on LQ and maybe travelling to one of the lakes around the Topeka area that I have been hearing some good things about. Also, I am taking former KU basketball star Wayne Simien out for a day on the lake. We will either fish here at LQ or go to a private watershed lake. It should be a really good time, as Wayne is a tremendous athlete and has a love for the sport of fishing as well. I am really looking forward to it!

This next stop at the Arkansas River should be a tough event, but it is definitely one that I have been looking forward to all year. This tournament should set up very well for my preferred style of fishing, which can only help my cause in the points standings. Wheeler should suit me well too, so I am very optimistic about my chances to salvage my 2011 season.

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