Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Chance to Slow Down

When we left Clark’s Hill we headed down to Biloxi to spend some time with family. We had a fun vacation without the hassles of tournament preparation. I hadn’t been down there since the Katrina catastrophe, and even though a lot has been rebuilt, our time down there made me realize just how severe the damage was. Everyone has done their best to move on, but the empty building foundations are a reminder of what happened. We didn’t see any oil spill damage down there, but did notice that a lot of people were taking precautions for the inevitable. We really hope that the Biloxi area will be spared, but if it does happen, the people down there are tough and resilient and will find a way to get through it.

While we were in Biloxi we got to do a little saltwater fishing. Mason, who is now absolutely obsessed with fishing, got to fish from the piers a little bit. But the most fun fishing Mason and I had was on a charter boat with my Dad, brother in law, and niece catching sharks! We probably caught 50 sharks, and they were all the perfect size. We caught them on flipping rods, and it was a blast. The rest of the week we spent relaxing and having quality family time.

We got to Lake Guntersville on Memorial day and plan on fishing the next couple of days down here. Going to get some rest in so I can get ready for 2 more stressful weeks. Practice for the KY Lake event starts on Sunday, this way we can have a day off to travel to Oklahoma for the final event of the year. I’m really hoping that this week on Guntersville will help get me in the right frame of mind to do some damage at KY Lake.

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