Friday, May 14, 2010

Gville Gratification

Guntersville proved to be a pretty crazy tournament. It was frustrating, and awesome all at the same time. Practice was difficult, but somehow things turned around for me. I have to thank Alton Jones for turning me onto the offshore bite that was going on out there.

There has been a lot of rain in the south recently, so while we were on Guntersville, there was pretty much no current. On a lake where current defines the behavior of the fish, having no current makes things a little difficult. Fish were everywhere, kind of like Pickwick. On day one, I started on a spot and caught fish on every cast for a while. I was able to put together a small limit before the school shut down. From there I ran to a community hole that had a few other pros fishing on it. Kevin Wirth clued me onto a good school of fish that I caught a 6 ½ and a 5 lber out of. Day one really kind of helped me realize what exactly the fish were doing out there. On day two, I started in that same community hole and caught fish on a football jig. After I put together a limit, I ran to another spot and flipped a couple 3 and 4 lbers out of the grass and caught a couple decent fish on my DT6 in the grass. On day three the deep bite had turned off. I went and fished in the grass again. This specific spot was a grassy hump in the middle of a creek. I ripped the DT6 through the grass all day, and my smallest fish was 3 lbs. But, I never was able to find any big fish.

I feel relieved now that the Gville tournament is over with. I have been keeping true to my goal, and I just got to keep it up. I’m 40th in AOY standings right now, so as long as I work hard I should be able to build myself a nice little cushion before the end of the season and make it to the Classic.

This weekend I will be fishing on Lay Lake with a lot of the other pros for the Mark’s Outdoors tournament. This has always been a fun promotional event, and I expect it to be just as much fun this year. After this weekend we are headed down to Mississippi to visit family, and then we’re off to Clark’s Hill.

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